All of the times that Nigel Farage has praised Putin have resurfaced

Yesterday, Emmanuel Macron secured a second term as French president, winning some 58 per cent of the vote.

His challenger, far-right candidate Marine Le Pen said she would continue her political fight but with Macron pledging to unite the nation, it seems she may not be wanted in the country after all.

The news came as a relief for those concerned about the controversial policies Le Pen supports and also triggered immediate analysis as to why the election result came about.

And amid this analysis, it quickly became clear that one Nigel Farage may not be the best political pundit given his previous assertion that Le Pen would win this election has been proved completely wrong.

Yes, Farage has made a clanger once again. In 2017 he appeared on ITV's Peston ahead of the previous French elections and waxed lyrical about Le Pen and said she would be a better president than Macron. And this was a question of when not if for him as he said: "Marine Le Pen I do believe will become the French president. I suspect it's more likely it will happen in 2022 than today."

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People were more than happy to remind him of his clanger.

In the same month, he also (le) penned an article in The Telegraph explaining why he supported her and predicting her 2022 victory.

Fast forward a few years and we see Le Pen licking her wounds while Macron sets out his next five years in power. Whoops.

And it is not the first time Farage has failed to predict the course of international politics. He put £10,000 on Donald Trump winning the 2020 US presidential election and obviously lost.

Better luck next time.

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