Priti Patel shares bizarre meme about her Covid vaccination which doesn’t make any sense
Priti Patel/Twitter

We’ve all tried to join in jokes we don’t really understand. We’ve all used them in the wrong context. It’s embarrassing, but not terribly because it’s not like we are the Home Secretary or anything.

But unfortunately, Priti Patel is no different to us and has tried and failed to deploy a meme, with little to no aptitude for the artform.

Posting on Twitter, she celebrated getting her vaccine with the ‘how it started, how it’s going’ meme featuring an image of her at a coronavirus press briefing and her getting the jab.

People were thoroughly confused, triggering the usual reactions on social media:

Somewhere in the dungeons of the Civil Service, Patel’s millennial PR team are patiently explaining to her that she has an image problem.

They are telling her that her alleged involvement with lobbying for a face mask firm makes her seem a bit iffy. That her strict immigration rules don’t exactly make her ‘down with the kids’.

So, the Home Secretary asks her advisors to make a ten-page dossier on youth culture in a desperate attempt to win over some young voters and this is the result:

Like we say, joining in on jokes and memes that you don’t understand is not easy. Perhaps it would have been best if she just.. hadn’t.

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