QAnon is furious that Trump has announced a presidential bid for 2024

QAnon is furious that Trump has announced a presidential bid for 2024
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On Tuesday (15 November) the controversial former US President Donald Trump made the long-anticipated announcement that he is going to run for the presidency in 2024, but it seems his former QAnon fans are not impressed.

Trump made his 2024 campaign announcement speech at Mar-a-Lago where he invited QAnon influencers to attend and littered his announcement with some of the group’s well-known dog whistles, referencing a so-called “storm” faced by those who support him, and for example, taking part in an illegal insurrection in a state building.

Despite some high-profile members of the conspiracy group being there and praising the controversial president, it would appear that on Telegram, some other QAnon believers weren’t quite so pleased with his announcement about running again.

VICE reports a member of a QAnon forum wrote on Telegram: “Does he seriously think there will be anyone left to vote in two years, or better yet, that our country will even be viable?!!!

“We will NOT make it two more years! This is a flippin joke! I don't know about you guys but I'm p**sed! The storm is coming…in two years.”

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Some viewed Trump’s speech as an admission that the 2020 presidential election was, in fact, not stolen, contradicting a strongly-held belief of QAnon that Trump actually won the election but that it was stolen from him.

One person wrote: “Trump pissed off a LOT of people tonight. Never thought my loyalty would be challenged by the Dems, but Instead from Trump himself.

“We will NOT wait until 2024. Trump conceded tonight. It's over. Trump being "one of them" seems much more plausible now.”

Even more bizarrely, others suggested that Trump did not actually announce he was running in 2024, despite him standing behind a lecturn with the word "2024" on it.

A QAnon-er wrote: “Everyone go rewatch his speech. Nowhere did he say 2024. Remember it's a movie we are watching.”

What’s more worrying for Trump, the loss of QAnon support comes as increasing numbers of Republicans blame him for the party’s poor performance in the midterms after the majority of Trump-endorsed candidates lost.

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