Question Time audience member appears to say 'b***ocks' as man backs Boris …

A man in the audience of Question Time appeared to mouth "bollocks" in response to another audience member praising Boris Johnson.

Yesterday was a busy day in politics, by all accounts. When we woke up Liz Truss was the prime minister who vowed to continue leading the Tories into the next general election. She was "a fighter not a quitter" after all.

But then the fighter quit and talk quickly turned to who could replace the PM. After all, Truss had managed to rack up enough cock-ups in the six weeks she was in power to pack up her bags, leaving her with nothing but the title of shortest-serving prime minister in Britain, and a beefed-up Wikipedia page. So who replaces her is very important.

But unbelievably, people then started to talk about Boris Johnson coming back, despite being ousted from power earlier this summer.

Chair of the 1922 committee of backbench MPs, Sir Graham Brady has said that candidates who wish to run for leadership of the party must get 100 nominations from MPs and Johnson is already garnering support from people in his party, It must be said though, he's not yet said whether he is going to run again.

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That brings us to Question Time in which, bringing up comments made by the panel earlier in the show, an audience member said: "Graham [Stuart] spoke at the beginning about wanting someone who can command a majority in the Commons, and Jess [Phillips] said something about them needing a mandate, a proper mandate.

"There's only one man who's got both of those boxes ticked, and that's Boris Johnson. I think it's time for him to come back."

In response, a man in front of him appeared to roll his eyes and mouth "b***ocks", and if he did who can blame him?

We are being spared from another tedious leadership navel gazing session this time round in the sense that rather than taking months, Truss said a new leader will be chosen next week.

Whoever becomes the next PM, we're agreed with his critics - getting Johnson back would be disastrous for the country.

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