Reform Party candidate says he was concerned about migration after using an airport

Reform Party candidate says he was concerned about migration after using an airport
Reform candidate says airport arrivals lounge made him realise UK had too …

A candidate for Reform UK, George Woodward, who is standing in the Leigh and Atherton Consistency is getting mocked online after claiming he became concerned about migration after using an airport.

Woodward told The News Agentspodcast that migration needed to be "reexamined", and that he realised this when coming through an airport arrivals lounge.

He said that he wanted to become a Reform candidate due to "the state of the country."

"Mainly migration, is what drives me," he explained.

But what made people laugh in disbelief was when he explained his moment of realisation.

"I had a moment last year I was coming through an airport. I was the arrivals, you know, the British border. And I was like wow, you know, there's a lot of people coming in here. And we need to reexamine this."

The interviewer, journalist Lewis Goodall, points out, "lots of those were probably tourists or British people coming back from abroad."

"Some absolutely," Woodward says. "Some not. So you can tell."

Goodall then suggests Reform is stoking "ethnic tension" and that it should be Woodward's responsibility as a potential politician to call people out on their language and lessen the tension.

Woodward replies saying, "on occasion I do step in and correct them."

On Twitter/X people couldn't believe what they were watching.

"Where do they find these f*cking morons," one user asked.

Another said they "had to check if this was real, because it seemed like a parody of a Reform candidate."

It was also discovered that back in 2016 Woodward spoke to The Herald, talking about his participation in the Erasmus programme, which the UK is no longer a part of due to Brexit.

In the interview, Woodward said it was a "really great experience" and he has "made so many friends in international countries."

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