There's a fundraiser to send Putin to Jupiter – and it’s already hit $2 million

Vladimir Putin belts out Blueberry Hill in resurfaced clip
Russia Today (RT)

When it comes to everyday citizens expressing their hatred for Russian president Vladimir Putin following his country’s invasion of Ukraine, some have ideas which are truly out of this world.


Worlds away from the Nottingham pub which slapped a picture of Putin on their urinal, an online fundraiser has been set up to “help us build a rocket that will send a bloody dictator far far away”.

“100 million good citizens of the Earth can send the one Evil to Jupiter.

“Why Jupiter? It is a gas giant and the largest planet in the solar system,” the webpage reads.

If you’re seriously wondering where the money donated ends up, then a helpful banner at the top of the website explains it will be used to “help [the] armed forces of Ukraine and rebuild the destroyed infrastructure of Ukraine”.

But the idea of sending a warmonger to outer space still sounds rather fun, doesn’t it?

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The donation page, located at Putina.net, appears to be from the Ukrainian government – specifically the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine – with the country’s first vice prime minister, Mykhailo Fedorov, sharing the link on Twitter on Monday.

The politician, who is also digital transformation minister, drew attention to the fundraiser in response to a tweet by Tesla founder and SpaceX billionaire Elon Musk, who tweeted he “hereby [challenges Vladimir Putin] to single combat”.

Mr Federov replied: “We can send him to Jupiter, just in case.”

Such a proposal has since prompted some interesting thoughts from other Twitter users:

Meanwhile, we can’t decide which sounds wilder: sending Putin to Jupiter or Musk and the president engaging in a fist fight.

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