An Irish bar in Nottingham has put Vladimir Putin’s face on their urinal

An Irish bar in Nottingham has put Vladimir Putin’s face on their urinal
Putin belts out Blueberry Hill in resurfaced clip

One pub in Nottingham has put the ‘poo’ in Putin, by putting a picture of the Russian president in their men’s toilets for drinkers to… ahem… ‘relieve themselves’ onto.

Raglan Road, an Irish bar in the city, previously had former US President Donald Trump on their urinal but has now decided to update things given that Trump has been flushed out (sorry).

The move comes after president Putin chose to invade Ukraine last month, in a move that has sparked international condemnation and economic sanctions for Russia.

In a post on Facebook last week, the bar wrote: “Vladimir Putin in the men’s loo. Donald Trump has gone so come wee on this man.”

Explaining his decision to pop up Putin, owner Ged Dowling told Nottinghamshire Live it was because “everyone hates him” over the Ukraine crisis.

He said: “It is a bit of fun but it’s not a jokey subject. We had to put someone up there so I thought the most hated person in the world, we should try him.

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“People love it, everyone loves it. People just come in to use the toilet.”

And he’s not wrong, as the decision soon received praise by people on social media:

It’s also caught the attention of professional boxer Leigh Wood and American personality Perez Hilton, who have commended the move on Instagram.

Mr Dowling added that the pub will now be adding a charity box to encourage people to donate money to support Ukrainians amid the ongoing conflict.

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