Suella Braverman already has the nickname 'Leaky Sue'

Suella Braverman already has the nickname 'Leaky Sue'
Tory minister doesn’t ‘see utility’ in investigating Suella Braverman security breach

Home secretary Suella Braverman has reportedly earned herself the nickname, 'Leaky Sue', following the mishandling of sensitive information.

Braverman admitted to sending an official document from a personal email. It has also been claimed that Whitehall officials investigated Braverman over the leaking of a government plan to apply for an injunction against the BBC.

Leader of the Lib Dems, Ed Davey, has since claimed Braverman's new nickname "says it all".

Speaking with Emily Maitlis and Lewis Goodall on podcast The News Agents, Davey said: "Well, her nickname, we're told, is Leaky Sue,

"For a home secretary, to even have that nickname after a short time in office, I think really says it all."

Maitlis intervened "Well, it doesn't Ed. I mean, you can't just say a nickname means that it 'says it all'.

"Who calls her Leaky Sue? Is it the Lib Dems who call her Leaky Sue?"

Davey then claimed he was told by "respected journalists" that that's what she was known as in Whitehall.

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Claims come after Braverman was probed in January as part of a security breach relating to a British spy, the Daily Mail reports. The attorney general at the time was apparently being looked at by the Cabinet Office's Government Security Group.

The investigation was reportedly focused on a leak about the Government's play to apply for an injunction against the BBC to stop identifying a spy, who was accused of using his position to terrorise his former partner.

The report claimed Braverman was seeking the injunction, which reportedly led MI5 to feel "concerned" about how the information was made public.

A Cabinet Office spokesperson said: "We do not comment on alleged leak investigations."

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