Susan: Tory London mayoral candidate has been reduced to a meme

Susan: Tory London mayoral candidate has been reduced to a meme
Tory Councillor Susan Hall calls Gemma Collins stupid and fat - London …

A London mayoral candidate has launched her campaign in earnest - and has become a complete meme by doing so.

Susan Hall wants to be selected as the Tory candidate for the mayoral race, and is appealing to voters to choose her with some hastily made graphics.

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The graphic shows a photo of her against a blue background. Dramatic text alongside it reads "Susan."

It adds: "The one Sadiq Khan fears," as well as "you are safer with Susan".

But rather than run to cast their votes for "Susan", people found it hilarious:

Hall has been a London Assembly member for five years. Her policies include reversing the ULEZ expansion, dealing with the housing crisis and cracking down on crime.

Indeed, she said she will "hunt down and lock up" muggers and burglars by creating a special team within the Met tasked with tackling them.

She is also known for trolling Gemma Collins, when she appeared on I'm A Celebrity in 2014. “OMG this fat woman Gemma is ghastly, really ghastly,” Hall tweeted, “however watching her squeal may be funny”. She also called Collins a “stupid fat blonde woman”.

The Tory mayoral candidate for London is expected to be announced on 19 July, with the London mayoral election taking place on 2 May 2024.

Being ridiculed while trying to reach high office - it is just part and parcel of British politics.

Nevertheless, indy100 has contacted Hall to see how she feels about it.

A spokerspons said: “Conservative members across London are supporting Susan because she is the experienced candidate who can beat Sadiq Khan. We are hugely grateful to everyone on Twitter sharing our message that London is safer with Susan.”

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