Ted Cruz slammed as a 'Flat Earther' for claiming Trump won the election

Ted Cruz slammed as a 'Flat Earther' for claiming Trump won the election
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Texas Republican Ted Cruz has been compared to a “flat Earther” by Geraldo Rivera for again falsely claiming that Donald Trump won the presidential election.

Fox News host Rivera, who is himself a conservative, criticised the Texas senator for repeating the bogus claims around the 2020 election. Cruz is one of many Republicans who have perpetuated the so-called "Big Lie" and caused many Trump supporters to wrongly believe the election was undemocratic.

In a tweet, Rivera compared the claim that Trump had the election stolen from him with the bizarre conspiracy theory that the Earth is flat.

He also specifically called out Cruz and his colleague, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, for repeating it and said they both jam up the “bulls**t filter”.

Rivera wrote: “Election Deniers-who really believe 2020 was stolen-are lost causes. I feel sorry for them, but they’ve decided the world is flat.

“Much worse: those who know better but support the Big Lie anyway. Like Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley. Everything they say should jam the bulls**t filter.”

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But, in the comments, people took issue with Rivera blaming the issue on just two Republican senators and accused him of not seeing the bigger picture, including the kind of publication he works for.

One person responded: “You do realize what channel you work for?”

Someone else added: “How about putting the blame squarely on your pal 45 who got this all whipped up?

“It is time for you to make much stronger stand Geraldo.”

Another pointed out: “As well as your colleagues. Hannity. Tucker. Ingraham. Tomi. Why not condemn them publicly?”

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