Republican wants changes to 'food made from abortions'

Republican wants changes to 'food made from abortions'
Trigger Law banning nearly all abortions in Texas now in effect

A Texas Republican proposed legislation that requires food made with “human fetal tissue” to be labeled as such - the only problem is there is no such food to make those changes to.

Back in December, Texas State Senator Bob Hall, 80, proposed SB 314 to fix a supposed issue where products made from “human fetal tissue” was not labeled.

The bill would require food, medical, and cosmetic products to be “clearly and conspicuously labeled in accordance with department rules.”

According to the proposed bill, this means there are food, medical, and cosmetic products that contain “tissue, cells, or organs obtained from an aborted unborn child.”

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However, no such food, medical, or cosmetic products exist containing “human fetal matter.”

The FDA told HuffPost, “there are no conditions under which the FDA would consider human fetal tissue to be safe or legal for human or animal consumption.”

The conspiracy theory that food, medical, and cosmetic products contain human fetal matter is a debunked rumor often circulated in pro-life communities online.

Several conspiracy posts claim that food companies use tissue, cells, or organs to enhance food flavors but there is no evidence that this has ever occurred.

While medical products, including vaccines, do not contain human fetal matter, the tissue from a fetus obtained either through abortion or miscarriage can be used in vaccine development.

Scientists and researchers will use fetus tissue to test vaccines, advance stem cell research, and more in states where it is permissible.

Women must decide to have an abortion before clinicians can ask whether they want to donate the fetal tissue and doctors performing abortions cannot receive payment from researchers receiving the fetal tissue.

This practice has been going on for many years but has become widely misunderstood that medical products contain aborted tissue.


In an email to HuffPost, a statement from Hall said, “Unfortunately, many Texans are unknowingly consuming products that either contain human fetal parts or were developed using human fetal parts. While some may not be bothered by this, there are many Texans with religious or moral beliefs that would oppose consumption or use of these products.”

There is no evidence any food products contain fetal tissue.

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