Chrissy Teigen left stunned after expletive tweet about Trump is read aloud in congress

Chrissy Teigen left stunned after expletive tweet about Trump is read aloud in congress
Chrissy Teigen Apologises For Being A "Troll" On Twitter

Next time you tweet, you may want to consider it being read aloud in front of government officials.

Chrissy Teigen was left stumbling over her words after seeing a video of her expletive tweet toward Donald Trump read aloud in a congressional hearing on Wednesday.

Members of the House Oversight Committee heard testimony from former Twitter employees regarding free speech, social media, and government interference.

At one point, freshman congressman Maxwell Frost (D-FL) asked Anika Navaroli, a former senior expert on Twitter’s US Safety Policy Team, about a tweet the White House under Donald Trump allegedly requested Twitter takedown.

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Frost asked Navaroli to repeat the tweet that offended the former president enough to request staff to remove it.

“Please excuse my language this is a direct quote,” Navaroli began. “Chrissy Teigen referred to Donald Trump as a ‘p****y a** b****.’”

Teigen, a notorious Trump hater who often teased the former president on Twitter, tweeted the insult in September 2019 after Trump referred to Teigen as John Legend's, "filthy mouthed wife."

According to Navaroli, Trump's White House "reached out to ask if this tweet could be removed."

The clip of the awkward, yet humorous, encounter in congress went viral on Twitter with over four million people viewing it.

After Teigen saw it she responded with, "I…oh my god."

The congressional hearing comes after Republicans have accused Twitter of suppressing New York Post's circulation of their story on Hunter Biden's laptop in 2020.

Members of the GOP have long claimed social media platforms like Twitter have silenced, censored, or suppressed their opinions. However, Navaroli and other former Twitter employee's, testimony shows that Republicans conducted similar efforts.

Frost responded to Teigen saying he had "no idea" what the context of her tweet was but was fighting to protect her free speech.

People found the encounter particularly hilarious given congress is typically a place of serious business.

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