Trump said something so deranged even Fox News wouldn't air it

Trump said something so deranged even Fox News wouldn't air it
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Donald Trump has asserted his total confidence that if he were president Russian President Vladimir Putin would have “never” invaded Ukraine.

He made the wild statement while speaking to Fox News host Sean Hannity on his radio show, The Sean Hannity Show on Monday.

Trump insinuated he could have negotiated a deal with Putin to invade Ukraine differently.

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Speaking about Putin, Trump said, “he would have never done it” if he were president.

“That’s without even negotiating a deal,” Trump added. “I could’ve negotiated. At worst, I could’ve made a deal to take over or something. You know there are certain areas that are Russian-speaking areas, frankly,” Trump said.

“But you could’ve worked a deal and now Ukraine is being blown to smithereens.”

But the statement was so outlandish that Hannity chose to omit it while playing back some of his “exclusive” interview with the former president on his show Hannity later that night.

As Trump says, “I could have negotiated” the audio cuts out and skipped to a further part in the interview where the former president speaks about China-US relations.

It is unclear why Hannity may have cut out the portion of the interview where Trump speaks about a hypothetical deal where Russia could take parts of Ukraine.

However, it certainly makes the former president look better to not include it.

One of Trump's major talking points over the last few months has been his claim that the Ukraine-Russia conflict would have ended, or never began, because he had a relationship with Putin where he "understood that you can’t do it."

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