Trump supporters triggered after seeing Jack Black endorse Joe Biden

Trump supporters triggered after seeing Jack Black endorse Joe Biden
First look at Jack Black's CBeebies Bedtime Story as he kicks off …
CBeebies Bedtime Story, BBC / PA

Triggered Donald Trump supporters have hurled abuse at the actor Jack Black after he endorsed Joe Biden for the November presidential election.

The School of Rock and Kung Fu Panda actor is well known for being a wholesome guy, having even appeared in one of CBeebies’ Bedtime Stories videos.

But, the star recently found himself at the centre of a right-wing X/Twitter-storm after endorsing Joe Biden to defend his position as the President of the United States.

Speaking during a Hollywood fundraiser, dressed in an American flag romper suit, Black explained to the audience that he was supporting Biden.

He said to the crowd: “A few days ago, my manager called me and said George Clooney and Julia Roberts wanted me to help out the president and speak here tonight. And I said, ‘I am in – when and where?’”

Black continued: “When the president wins in November, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get a sweet shoutout in his victory speech for what I gave up to be here. Because when democracy is at stake, Jack Black answers the call! Mr. President, you’re welcome.”

Following his speech, it seems that many Trump supporters have suddenly come to the realisation that they don’t find him funny or talented, all at once.

“Jack Black endorses Sleepy Joe,” one person wrote. “Am I the only one who hates him and has never found him funny?”

Another wrote: “Used to like Jack Black. Never again. He’s now just another POS loudmouth scumbag. Adios, Jack.”

Someone else claimed: “Didn't have to wait long to prove my point that wokeness is the death of humour. Jack Black was naturally funny once. What went wrong??”

The actor is among a number of actors and other creatives who have signalled their support for Biden, including Robert De Niro, Lenny Kravitz and Christina Aguilera.

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