QAnon loyalists call Trump's trading cards a 's**t storm debacle'

QAnon loyalists call Trump's trading cards a 's**t storm debacle'
Donald Trump shares bizarre video teasing ‘major announcement’

On Thursday, Donald Trump teased a 'major annoucement' with many speculating that it could be something to do with his 2024 election campaign but it was just a bunch of NFTs and now everyone, including QAnon conspiracy theorists are furious.

Trump's digital trading cards, which depict the former president as a number of characters including a superhero, a boxer and a cowboy, images that are apparently "pertaining to his life."

Quite what the goal of this was for Trump is a little confusing as it doesn't appear to be raising funds for his campaign and the backlash to the NFTs has been pretty severe with the likes of Steve Bannon and Ben Shapiro criticising them.

It would appear that even some of Trump's most loyal followers in the QAnon movement have been a little bewildered by the announcement too.

As reported by Vice, QAnon, like most people thought that Trump was going to address something about the supposed stealing of the 2020 election, something about the deep state or even the bizarre theory that he was going to bring John F Kennedy Jr back from the dead to be his running mate.

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Obviously, none of those things happened and the conspiracy theorists were furious. One follower reportedly said on Telegram that the annoucement was a "shit storm debacle NFT announcement" with another adding "A f**king NFT? He needs a new PR team."

Other words being banded around were "dogs**t, tacky" and "cringe." QAnon John, a significant individual in promoting the conspiracy called the NFTs "tone deaf to a VAST MAJORITY of Trump’s base."

However, some have attempted to reassure themselves that there was more to this than meets the eye with some even concocting a theory based on one of the so-called 'Q drops' in 2019 which mentioned a 'Trump card' and that it has been 1,700 days since Q last posted and that Q is the 17th letter in the alphabet.

Regardless, the $99 NFTs clearly went down well with some members of the Trump faithful as they were all sold out in less than a day of going on sale.

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