10 slang terms which parents don’t understand

The English language is evolving at a faster rate than at any other time in history because of social media and instant messaging, says a language expert.

Professor John Sutherland from University College London is the UK’s leading English expert, and has led a study into common social media and text speak terms that found most parents are baffled by the language used by their children.

According to the study, which was commissioned by technology giant Samsung to mark the launch of the Galaxy S6, there is now a “seismic generational gap” between the older and younger generations when it comes to how modern informal language is used.

Top 10 new terms which parents don’t understand

Fleek – Looking good
FOMO – Fear of missing out
Bae – A term of affection
ICYMI – In case you missed it
Deadout – Rubbish or tired
TBT – Throwback Thursday
LMK – Let me know
RN – Right now
Thirsty – Looking for attention
NSFW – Not safe for work

And now-defunct text speak

TXT – Text
GR8 – Great
M8 – Mate
BRB – Be right back
ROFL – Rolling on the floor laughing
BBZ – Babes
L8RZ – See you later
GTG – Got to go
Enuf – Enough
TTYL – Talk to you later

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