11 years ago someone called Mark Zuckerberg appeared on TV to talk about something called 'the Facebook'

Eleven years ago this week a 20-year-old student called Mark Zuckerberg appeared on cable news in the US to talk about something named thefacebook.com.

In this video, shared this week by CNBC, Zuckerberg answers a question on how big he thinks his site will be, in a news segment on something called "cyber-matchmaking".

He replies:

It's impossible to tell. When we first launched we were hoping you know for 400, 500 people. Harvard didn't have a Facebook so that's the gap that we're trying to fill. And now we're at 100,000 people so who knows where we're going next. We're hoping to have many more universities by fall, hopefully over 100 or 200 and from there we're going to launch a bunch of side applications which should keep people coming back to the site and maybe can make something cool.

Watch the clip below, and ponder sagely on the inexorable advance of time.

11 years ago today, someone named Mark Zuckerberg appeared on CNBC to discuss a social network that had 100,000 users.

Posted by CNBC on Tuesday, 28 April 2015

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