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Conversations between Trump, Obama and Biden is the latest AI trend to hit TikTok

New AI can accurately imitate a person's voice

As AI technology grows in accessibility and popularity, people online are finding whimsical and ridiculous uses for it.

And the latest trend is using AI voice-mimicking technology to make it appear like the current and former presidents are playing video games together.

Typically, the video appears as a split-screen, with video game gameplay on one screen and the faces of President Joe Biden, Donald Trump, or Barack Obama photoshopped with a headset on another screen.

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As the video plays, AI-generated audio mimicking each president’s voice plays as though the three are actually communicating together while playing a video game.

Often, the three are trash-talking each other while making references to the game resulting in a hilarious conversation.

In one video, with 6.5 million views, Trump, Obama, Bill Clinton, and George W Bush bash Biden for his “ugly” Minecraft house.


Obama, Donald, Joe and George have housing disputes on Minecraft (Bill’s there too) #joebiden #biden #donaldtrump #trump #obama #minecraft #minecraftmemes #mc #fyp #funny

Another video with 2.4 million views, makes it seem as though Biden and Trump are playing Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Seige and growing frustrated with each other.


Trump clutches Bidens champ game #rainbowsixsiege #r6 #tomclancysrainbowsixsiege #siege #joebiden #donaldtrump #jynxzi #aivoice

The videos use AI voice generator software to mimic the voices. It is unclear what software they are using but some suspect it could be Murf AI, Speechify, or Elevenlabs.

While the voices are pretty spot-on, the videos will switch to the faces of the president “speaking” to help people match the voice correctly.

Often the president speaking will say something that feels in character, whether it's Trump bashing Biden, Biden asking a question about using the technology, or Obama trying to calmly explain how something works.

TikTok users have gotten a kick out of the videos calling them, "awesome," and "entertaining."

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