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AI spoofs Joe Rogan’s voice onto Leonardo DiCaprio in dystopian video

AI spoofs Joe Rogan’s voice onto Leonardo DiCaprio in dystopian video
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The power of artificial intelligence is both incredible for technological advancements and dangerous for spreading misinformation.

And a video of Leonardo DiCaprio’s voice being dubbed by other celebrities shows it.

The video, posted by heyBarsee on Twitter, uses ElevenLabs’ AI technology to dub one person’s voice with another person.

In this case, it took DiCaprio’s speech on climate change at the United Nations and changed his voice to Joe Rogan, Jeff Bezos, Robert Downey Jr, Bill Gates, and Kim Kardashian.

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The technology almost identically matches each celebrity’s voice to DiCaprio’s words, inflection, and speech pattern.

It makes it seem like Rogan, Bezos, Downey Jr, Gates, or Kardashian is giving the speech instead.

“11labs new AI voice cloning technology is alarmingly good,” heyBarsee wrote.

Other people agree the technology’s ability to match celebrity voices is incredible. But many noted how the AI could be used to spread misinformation by making it seem as though a notable person is saying something that they never said.

“AI voice stuff is gonna lead to crazy hoaxes but the worst part is. AI voice stuff is gonna scam a LOT of old people out of their money,” Jay tweeted.

Scott wrote, “This is gonna lead to some nutty stuff in the media lol.”

ElevenLabs, the company behind the voice technology said they aimed to build their model "to grasp the logic and emotions behind words."

"Rather than generate sentences one-by-one, it’s always mindful of how each utterance ties to preceding and succeeding text. This zoomed-out perspective allows it to intonate longer fragments convincingly and with purpose," ElevenLabs' website says. "You can do this with any voice you want."

Already celebrities and notable figures have run into problems with people using their likenesses for scams.

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