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An AI version of Seinfeld has thousands of Twitch viewers hooked

'Seinfeld' Coming to Netflix This Fall | THR News

An AI version of the classic American television sitcom Seinfeld has appeared online – and viewers are hooked.

Called "Nothing, Forever," the meaningless yet intriguing version of the former NBC show streams continuously on Twitch.

As first reported by Vice Motherboard, the Twitch account called @watchmeforever had close to a hundred followers and sixteen viewers.

But now, the channel has more than 64,600 followers at the time of writing and has over 15,000 viewers all at once.

"Nothing, Forever" has become the first of its kind.

Skylar Hartle and Brian Habersberger, the show's creators, told Motherboard that they used a culmination of different technologies such as cloud services, alogorithms, and machine learning to create the show.

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It’s an AI-generated sitcom… about nothing. #seinfeld #twitch #ai #chatgpt #vice #tech #news

This means that the characters are all speaking to each other using GPT-3, OpenAI's language model, which becomes clear as the characters are often not looking at each other when they are talking and rarely make sense.

The nonsense happening in the show has viewers finding it humorous in an unusual way as they take to the Twitch livestream chat to share their thoughts on the characters' conversations.

"Nothing Forever" can seem a bit odd in nature, but it could be an indication of where AI is going in show business.

AI is making its way into other industries and could be replaced altogether by machines trained specifically to do the task without the need for compensation.

In other AI and television show news, the YouTube channel Lyrical Relams reimagined Family Guy as an 80s sitcom, and viewers were also intrigued.

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