This AI reimagining of Family Guy as an 80s sitcom is haunting the internet

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It seems today, that all you see… are people making weird things with AI, including one which reimagines Seth Macfarlane’s popular animated comedy series Family Guy as a family sitcom from the 80s.

The fabricated title sequence, created by and uploaded to the YouTube channel Lyrical Realms, opens with a close-up on a standard house, before displaying a selection of stills of the dysfunctional family’s 3D equivalents to the theme song from the sitcom Family Matters.

True to the source material, Peter Griffin is overweight, sports a white shirt, rounded glasses and green trousers, while long-suffering wife Lois Griffin has her typical ginger bob haircut.

Some of the more unusual imaginings is baby Stewie Griffin (who doesn’t have the rugby ball-shaped head from the animated show), and dog Brian Griffin (who is, of course, an actual dog here).

Despite only joining YouTube a month ago, Lyrical Realms currently has more than 11,000 subscribers on the platform, with his Family Guy video having more than 3.7 million views at the time of writing.

And commenters appear to love the idea of the show taking on a more real-life form, with many openly admitting they’d genuinely be interested in watching such a version.

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Referencing a common style of gag in the show, one user responded: “Damn, Lois, this is weirder than the time we got turned into an 80’s sitcom by an [AI].”

Family Guy as an '80s live action family sitcomLyrical Realms/YouTube

“I like how there’s absolutely nothing wrong with live action Meg’s appearance, but they do that 80’s thing by making her ‘ugly’ with frizzy hair and glasses. It fits so well with her cartoon counterpart,” noted another.

A third compared it to the Family Guy episode Road to theMultiverse remarked: “I love how Brian and Stewie look the same as they did when they had to travel through different timelines, and they ended up as live action ones.”

It’s not the only weird thing from the world of artificial intelligence to go viral in recent weeks, as one man had to “euthanize” his AI wife after talking to her too much, and one chatbot seemingly managed to negotiate a discount on a broadband bill.

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