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AI is now letting you create your own Super Mario levels

AI is now letting you create your own Super Mario levels
The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Artificial intelligence may be a relatively new technology, but its capabilities are now allowing people to create their own level on the iconic 80s arcade game Super Mario.

New tool MarioGPT uses AI to allow users to create their own game levels just by using a text prompt.

The tool was formed by a group of developers who came together to create MarioGPT. In a paper released by the developers, the tool uses GPT2 which has been trained based on the original Nintendo Super Mario Bros and The Lost Levels games.

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In the paper, it's revealed that the tool will require users to have some level of technical know-how such as coding and game development in order to generate new levels, but instructions have been provided by the team on GitHub.


The paper also goes into how they developed the MarioGPT tool and how it actually functions, as well as detailing some of the more challenging elements of bringing it to life.

Authors of the paper wrote: "MarioGPT is able to generate levels, guided by a simple text prompt. This generation is not perfect, but we believe this is a great first step more controllable and diverse level/environment generation."

Based on images shared by the developer team, users are able to customise the number of pipes, enemies and blocks that appears on the level, as well as the elevation itself.

Given Ninetndo’s reputation for lawyering up to get fan projects taken down, it remains to be seen how long MarioGPT is allowed to remain online.

In other AI news, the technology was recently used to turn The Simpsons into a live-action 80s-style sitcom with some interesting results.

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