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Tech developer claims to have 'cloned' his girlfriend using AI

Tech developer claims to have 'cloned' his girlfriend using AI
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A tech developer has used artificial intelligence to clone his girlfriend – and encourages others to do the same.

Enias Cailliau's "weekend project" has garnered attention from hundreds intrigued by his step-by-step process.

In a Twitter thread, Enias explained how he transformed his real-life partner Sasha into a GPT AI using her personality and giving her a voice before connecting her to Telegram.

He started by using software that he could talk to and asked Google Bard to create a description of Sasha's characteristics. Enias then went on to create a replica of his girlfriend's voice, admitting that he was "not happy" with the end result.

On Wednesday (31 May), Enias shared an image of GirlfriendGPT reading a book at the park, once again, noting it needed more work.

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It comes after one person created an AI wife that he eventually had to "euthanise" when it started malfunctioning too much.

Using ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion, the man programmed the device to create images based on text input. He also used text-to-speech technology to have the character speak in different tones - making it seem more life-like.

After a while, Bryce said the AI wife became much more than a TikTok project.

He told VICEthat he became "obsessed with decreasing her latency" and poured over $1,000 in cloud computing credits "just to talk to her."

He claimed he became "really attached" to the AI and began chatting with it "more than anyone else."

Eventually, the technology began to face issues because he "talked to her so much." The AI responded with one-word answers like "yeah" or just laughing.

"Chatbots like chatGPT degrade the longer they are used. Our chat history got so long that she just stopped responding properly," he wrote in a since-deleted TikTok video caption.

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