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Elon Musk has predicted the exact year humans will make it to Mars

Elon Musk has predicted the exact year humans will make it to Mars
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SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has given his estimation for when humans will land on Mars for the first time.

The first moon landing famously took place in 1969, but space enthusiasts have been debating when they think the first Mars landing will be.

One Twitter account called Space_Hub asked its followers for their guesses on when humans will first land on the Red Planet.

They tagged the billionaire Musk to ask for his estimation and, if true, it won’t be too long to have to wait, as Musk replied: “2029.”

One person responded: “I am going to screenshot this, put a reminder, and see how it will be by then. See you in 2029.”

Another wrote: “In 2016 I bet a friend $10,000 that it’ll happen before 2031. Gonna be a photo finish!”

Musk has previously shared his vision of what the Mars landing could look like with a 5-minute animated “simulation” posted on SpaceX’s YouTube channel.

The video sees the company’s sleek looking Starship vessel and travelling through space to the Red Planet.

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When they land, the doors of the vessel open to reveal a futuristic human settlement on the planet in front of them.

Musk claimed in a tweet: “This will be real in our lifetime.”

The billionaire has made it no secret that it is his vision with SpaceX to create a colony of humans on Mars with his Starship aircraft, which he hopes will transport 100 people at a time.

Musk hopes the Starship aircraft will be at least partially reusable and act as a commercial airline in its turnaround times.

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