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Expert thinks alien tech may have crashed into the Pacific Ocean

Expert thinks alien tech may have crashed into the Pacific Ocean
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A scientist thinks there may be alien technology lying in the depths of the Pacific Ocean and is planning a mission to try and prove it.

Harvard astrophysicist Dr Avi Loeb - who is known for his controversial theories - believes an interstellar object crashed-landed on Earth off the coast of Manus Island in Papa New Guinea back in 2014 and is keen to explore the ocean floor in the area to find out if the object was made by aliens.

In 2019, Dr Loeb along with fellow researcher Dr Ami Siraj conducted a study published by Havard University where it was first mentioned that the object was discovered, but their peer review and publication of the paper was paused due to classified data that was used in the study.

But the United States Space Command recently tweeted on April 6 a memo that confirmed the object was a meteor from a different solar system, therefore it is the first interstellar object to reach Earth.

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The memo from the agency concluded that the interstellar debris may have fallen into the Pacific Ocean as the meteor burnt across the sky.

However, Dr Loeb remains unconvinced with this answer and instead has claimed the debris could have been a spacecraft that was "unambiguously artificial in origin," so perhaps could harbour evidence of extraterrestrial life. He also reckons there's a chance that "some technological components would survive the impact."

“Our discovery of an interstellar meteor heralds a new research frontier,” Dr Loeb wrote in an essay published by The Debrief.

Now Dr Loeb wants to investigate the remaining debris parts by scooping them up with a magnet and described how an expedition to explore the area for meteor fragments is "feasible," and also noted that he and his team are "currently engaged in designing it."

"My dream is to press some buttons on a functional piece of equipment that was manufactured outside of Earth." he added.

At the end of his essay, Dr Loeb summed things up with a reference to Einstein, writing: "In February 1954, just 14 months before he died, Einstein wrote a letter to the physicist David Bohm, in which he stated: 'If God created the world, his primary concern was certainly not to make its understanding easy for us.' I wonder whether our expedition to Papua New Guinea might replace the word `God’ in Einstein’s statements with the term `an advanced scientific civilization."

Dr Loeb is the head of the Galileo Project, where the goal is to create a network of telescopes in order to look for signs of extraterrestrial life.

The astrophysicist is known for his controversial theories surrounding aliens, believing that they have already visited Earth and that a football field-sized space rock named "Oumuamua" currently whizzing through our Solar System- and spotted by scientists in 2017 was interstellar technology created by aliens.

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