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Facebook is making you download yet another annoying app

Prepare yourselves – Facebook is on the cusp of announcing another mobile app you'll need to download to reap the full benefits of social media.

"Moments" will become Facebook's primary photo-sharing app and its introduction means you'll be unable to sync photos from a mobile to your profile.

Facebook has been trying to make Moments a thing for a while now, so this news may not come as a surprise to all.

The mandatory app follows in the footsteps of Messenger which, when launched last year, forced users to download an external service in order to converse with friends privately.

The good news is that all your photos currently synced to Facebook will remain when you download Moments. If you decide against it, they will be available to download as a zip file.

Pretty considerate, we suppose.

Photo-syncing to Facebook will end on January 10.

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