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Flat Earther accidentally proves to himself that the Earth is round in resurfaced clip

Flat Earther accidentally proves to himself that the Earth is round in resurfaced clip
Flat Earth believer proves Earth is round in Netflix documentary ‘Behind the ...

A resurfaced clip has shown the moment a flat Earther disproved his own beliefs during an experiment to prove the world isn't round.

Flat Earth conspiracists believe that the Earth is a flat plane rather than a spherical shape, but one conspiracy theorist accidentally debunked himself.

A clip from the documentary 2018 documentary Behind the Curve has gone viral on Reddit after it showed a flat Earther setting up an experiment to prove the Earth is flat, but actually proving the opposite.

In the experiment, the flat Earther make holes in two pieces of board. The boards are a distance apart and he lines a camera up to point directly in the centre of both holes.

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If the Earth is flat, the theorist believes that someone should be able to shine a torch through both holes without any light being obscured due to the curvature of the Earth.

The flat Earth conspiracy has baffled many – one person started a campaign to raise money to send flat Earthers to space to prove to them the planet is round, while others have managed to admit that they were wrong on their own.

In the video, a graphic showed the theory explaining that if the Earth was round, the person would have to hold the torch above their head to account for the curvature so the camera could see the light through both holes.

As the experiment unfolds, the person holds the torch at the same level as the holes, but no light appears on the camera. Next, they hold it above their heads and the light shows up.

The conspiracy theorist appeared lost for words and can only respond, saying: “Interesting.”

People in the comments who had seen the documentary and knew he remained a flat Earther despite this experiment were frustrated.

One person commented: “f I remember correctly, he blamed it on twigs and leaves as well uneven terrain that caused the experiment to fail’.”

Someone else added: “That's what makes me sad. This was a cool experiment! And it was successful! They were so close to doing science, but they fumbled at interpreting the results.”

Another person said: “And I'm sure mental gymnastics were performed to still be a flat earther.”

Someone else added: “Interesting.. as in. ‘Interesting that I’m a complete idiot’. He became a true scientist that day though.”

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