This man wants to send Flat Earthers to space to prove the world is round ‘once and for all’

This man wants to send Flat Earthers to space to prove the world is round ‘once and for all’
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A fundraising page has been set up on GoFundMe with the sole aim of sending a Flat Earther to space.

The campaign, founded by Marc Gauld from Scotland, looks to raise £250,000 to secure a flight for one conspiracy theorist on the Virgin Galactic spaceline. 

In a post describing the project, Marc said the initiative is to prove that the Earth is round “once and for all”.

“If Flat Earthers truly want to prove Flat Earth then I would expect most donations to come from the Flat Earther community.

“The first flights are planned for this year but may be held back due to the Covid pandemic but I hope to have a flat earther in space within the next couple years.

Gauld goes on to add that an application process for “high-ranking Flat Earthers” will open once the target is met, with one individual chosen “for disappointing the rest of the Flat Earthers”.

“Please get onboard with this as it is in the name of science and it will finally disprove or prove the Flat Earth theory and we can finally put this to rest!

“I am 100 per cent serious about this and your donations will be highly appreciated and will be helping to stop a completely unsupported scientific view getting in the way of real progress,” he writes.

The project has already been backed by 16 donors, with over 600 shares on social media.

Nathan, who donated £5, commented: “How much does it cost to send a Flearther into the sun?”

Dave, who chipped in £20, added: “[They] can’t reject the science of what has been known about the shape of the Earth for thousands of years.

“Also, it boils my p*ss that anyone can believe that the Earth is flat lol.”

Despite the positive remarks, the fundraiser is still light-years away from its goal, with only £155 donated so far.

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