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Traumatising footage reveals what's inside America's deepest cave

Traumatising footage reveals what's inside America's deepest cave
Hiker looks inside dark cave and spots scary mountain lion looking back …
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Human beings seem intent on visiting the least inviting corners of the Earth – even the deepest, darkest recesses of cave networks that have remained virtually untouched for thousands of years.

Traumatising footage has revealed what’s inside the deepest cave in North America, and if you’re claustrophobic you might want to look away now.

It comes after pair of YouTubers shared their eerie experience of visiting the ‘deepest pit in America’.

Nate and Ben are the ActionAdventureTwins and they spent 12 hours in the Fantastic Pit in Ellison's Cave in Walker County, Georgia, capturing GoPro footage after lowering the camera a whopping 586 feet below the Earth’s surface.

Fantastic Pit is the deepest free-fall pit in the lower 48 United States, and we’re sure you couldn’t pay most people to go there in person.

Dropping Go Pro Down Deepest Pit In The

"That's a long way down for sure," one of the pair says, as they drop the camera down using a DIY pulley system.

What follows next is unnerving footage of the GoPro dropping a rotating slowly, passing sheer rock face as it plunges ever deeper into the abyss.

Looking like something from a horror film, the camera passes nooks and crannies as it heads down to the bottom – a depth twice the height of the Empire State building.

People in the comments section were understandably spooked out by the footage, which is one of the most alarming bits of caving content we’ve seen for some time.

Caving is an extreme hobby which certainly isn’t for everyone. Earlier this year, a curious explorer almost ended up trapped within the tight corridors of a cave after a trick of the light drew him into a claustrophobic nightmare.

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