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Fox News host opens show with monologue generated by AI - and it sounded real

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A Fox News presenter read an opening monologue that was scripted by AI - and it sounds eerily similar to something a human would write.

On his show The Next Revolution, host Steve Hilton delivered the typical opening monologue, but it wasn’t until after he was finished that he made the big revelation.

Hilton made the artificial intelligence-generated sequence all about AI itself and defended the technology over accusations it poses a threat to the jobs of real people.

It began with Hilton introducing himself to his “fellow Americans” and continued into a defence of AI.

Hilton said: “Good evening fellow Americans. I’m Steve Hilton, and I’m here to talk to you tonight about the threat to jobs from artificial intelligence.

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“First, let me address the elephant in the room. Yes, there is a threat to jobs from artificial intelligence but if we’re honest, there are also many opportunities. A.I. is not something to be feared, but something that could be used to our advantage.

“Think about it. AI will alter many of the mundane tasks we have to do every day. This will free us up to focus on more creative and meaningful work. We can use the technology to drive innovation and create new product services and jobs.”

After he was finished reading the script, Hilton revealed to the audience that the script had been written using the program ChatGPT.

He explained: “Every word of what you just heard was written by ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence program that can do everything from write poems to scripts in the style of anyone, including me.”

Hilton admitted that the “fellow Americans” bit was “a little bit too presidential”, but otherwise the Fox host was left impressed by what the technology had written.

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