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A hidden iPhone setting has been discovered that drains your battery

A hidden iPhone setting has been discovered that drains your battery
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There's nothing worse than the dreaded 10 per cent battery alert kicking in while out and about and no charger at hand. Well now, a hidden iPhone setting that could be draining your battery has been revealed – and most people don't even know it exists.

The 'Wi-Fi Assist' setting is a program to monitor your phone's connection.

When there's no Wi-Fi, your phone automatically switches to 4G/5G. All the while, it will be working overtime in the background to maintain a connection with the Wi-Fi, despite it being on one bar.

"For example, if you're using Safari with a poor Wi-Fi connection and a webpage doesn't load, Wi-Fi Assist will activate and automatically switch to cellular so that the webpage continues to load," the Apple website explains.

While this is a great feature for smooth internet browsing, it could very well be draining out the battery life and mobile data.

To turn this off, all you need to do is head to Settings > Mobile Data > Wi-Fi Assist and simply switch it off.

To really max iPhone battery life, you can also use Low Power Mode, turn down the brightness and limit Location Services, which can be found in Settings > Privacy.

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It comes after the news that the iPhone 15 Pro battery life could very set new records.

According to reports, there are rumours of two major updates that involve prolonging that much-needed battery. Laptop Mag suggested that Apple users could expect a larger battery, without the need to bulk up the device.

In June, Twitter leaker AppleTrack claimed to have information on the capacity of the iPhone 15.

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