'Hot Migrants' might just be the worst new Instagram account going

There is a ‘Hot Migrants’ Instagram account filled with portraits of men in the process of crossing the border as they escape war.

You read it correctly.

Some of the image captions include...

Handsome fella at the border crossing between Greece and Macedonia

A man who may have been rescued by boat is also, more importantly, attractive...

Boat rescue survivor

and this incredibly bad sentence...

migrant arriving by sea, his hotness can’t flee

In an interview with the Cut, the Washington creator, who wished to remain anonymous had this to say:

I created this account after watching a video from the refugees and migrants who were stuck behind the border fence in Idomeni.

It’s a bit surreal to ‘objectify’ people who are fleeing war and broken countries… it is hard to overlook these people if you aren’t seeing them through their trek in Europe and it’s easy to dismiss them because the reality is far removed from you.

There is something to be said about finding comedy in such tragedy.

There are over a million people fleeing war, famine and persecution who embark upon this deadly journey, leaving them without a home, without safety and in danger of drowning.

There’s also something to be said about exploiting people's pain amidst a global humanitarian crisis.

Stop it.

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