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People who work in the Metaverse are finding it difficult to be productive

People who work in the Metaverse are finding it difficult to be productive
Davos 2023: Future of the Metaverse

It's no secret that Facebook-turned-Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg is doing all that he can to market his pricey metaverse as the future of virtual reality and the workplace.

"Work in the metaverse is a big theme for Quest Pro," Zuckerberg told analysts back in October 2022 about Meta's virtual reality headset, according to CNBC.

"There are 200 million people who get new PCs every year, mostly for work. Our goal for the Quest Pro line over the next several years is to enable more and more of these people to get their work done in virtual and mixed reality, eventually even better than they could on PCs," he added.

Technology in the workplace, whether in-person or virtually, is abundant, so why not experience your workday with colleagues in augmented reality, right?

Well, those who are currently working or attempting to be productive in Meta's Horizon Worlds, are finding it difficult.

In a report from Slate, a junior manager at Accenture, a tech company that is a major Meta funder, revealed her experience with the company attempting to integrate Oculus into the work field.

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She explained to the outlet that it was a bit of a hindrance as she removes her headset to get a two-factor authentication code that she has to memorise and input.

"But when you take off the Oculus, it automatically goes to sleep mode, and I was trying to navigate the back-and-forth," she told Slate.

David Stern, who is the founder and CEO of the outlet's Group's Supporting Cast podcast platform, has dabbled in the VR world, and experienced setbacks when trying to get work done.

"Between forgetting to charge headsets, operating system updates, new app installation/updates, logging into accounts, screensharing between desktop and headset, there's just a lot that can go wrong," he told the outlet.

Another boss named Rahul Mehra who is a co-founder of the India-based automation startup Roadcast, has expressed excitement over the future of metaverse and work but also recognises the fundamental issues with it.

"Right now, there are more disadvantages than advantages," he told Slate before noting that the country and other parts of South and Southeast Asia experience low internet bandwidth speeds.

Mehra also shared that he and his employees would still rather go to the office to conduct meetings.

"Some are of the opinion that maybe this software needs to be developed more or needs to be simplified," he added.

In other Metaverse news, Zuckerberg announced the addition of "legs" to the avatars' bodies in October 2022.

But people had many thoughts, roasting him on his "minimum effort" in the process.

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