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Soon you will only need to charge your phone 4 times a year

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A new material being used in phone batteries is going to increase its lasting power for your satisfaction.

Yes slaves. Now even the battery going down won't free you from your trance.

On the positive side, you will be freed from lugging around a bulky portable charger, or being 'that guy' who asks the bar tender if you can charge your phone behind the bar.

Researchers at the University of Michigan and Cornell University are pioneering a new material, called 'magnetoelectric multiferroic'.

This material is a thin polar film, which can switched between positive and negative using a tiny pulse of energy.

100 times more efficient

The material will allow computers to operate on surges of energy, rather than the constant stream which is currently required.

The tech will mean less power overall is needed.

So this is good for you, people who want to advertise things to you, and good for the environment.

The new set up will mean mobile phones need 100 times less power to run.

Charging will take less time, and occur less frequently.

Coming in 2030

Sadly, it's not yet ready for use. One of the lead researchers claims that the tech won't be available until 2030.

They're probably charging it.

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