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Now we know which is the loudest iPhone model ever made

Now we know which is the loudest iPhone model ever made

In news that will undoubtedly put your mind at ease, the team at iClarified has, well, clarified which iPhone model is the loudest.

People who have had more than one model of iPhone may have noticed the varying degrees of volume from one handset to another. A frustrating experience for all involved.

According to iClarified's research - which comprised of placing a decibel meter adjacent to each phone's speaker - from the iPhone 2G (remember that?!) all the way through to the iPhone 6+ - the iPhone 6 is the loudest model Apple have ever made.

After reaching an early peak with the 3GS, iPhones went quiet for a few generations, gradually rising to the iPhone 6 zenith. What's also interesting to see in this study is the growth in the size of the iPhone over time. So now we know that iPhones are louder and bigger than ever before.

Now we know, and knowing is half the battle.

Watch the test here:

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