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Why guys pay for OnlyFans - in their own words

Why guys pay for OnlyFans - in their own words

It’s the service that - in both good ways and bad - has revolutionized the adult entertainment industry.

OnlyFans, which allows people to subscribe to photo and video feeds of their favourite models and performers, has boomed during the pandemic amid stories of people making six and seven-figure annual incomes by posting raunchy content to fans willing to pay.

But given there’s any array of free pornography out there, who on earth would decide to pay for it?

That was the question posed on the AskReddit forum, and it triggered thousands of responses, many of them from men who regularly cough up anything from $5 to $50 a month to see their favorite adult performer’s updates.

One of the common threads was the feeling of closeness to a performer. The app allows you to message them, and they can choose to respond. It’s a step beyond a pre-recorded porn video which simply won’t love you back, no matter how hard you try.

Another is that people simply like supporting the creators they like - call it the Patreon-effect, if you will.

And of course, some folks had humorous responses that summed up the motivations - calling it ‘free-range’ porn will stick with us for a while.

One said it was all about communication... until it suddenly stopped:

For some, it is actually knowing the people involved that adds to the thrill:

One guy struck up the weirdest pen pal relationship ever:

There’s always a wiseguy:

Personalization is key for some:

Free-range organic - important in porn as well as dietary choices:

One person points out the obvious - porn isn’t supposed to be free!

Another agrees:

One guy just wanted some egg-based meal pics:

One lesbian is thinking of the bigger picture:

And finally, it’s good to know that you’re not furthering some of the porn industry’s worst behaviours and attitudes:

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