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Scientist shares routine that can 'make you better at everything'

Scientist shares routine that can 'make you better at everything'
The Optimal Morning Routine - Andrew Huberman

The emphasis on a good night's sleep is nothing new. But now, neuroscientist, Dr Andrew Huberman, has shared one routine that he suggested can make you "better at everything."

In a YouTube talk on After Skool, Dr Huberman said he immediately starts his day with a sunrise walk at 6.30am. "Getting outside for a 10-minute walk or a 15-minute walk is absolutely vital to mental and physical health," he shared.

Despite coffee being the get-up-and-go drink for most, Huberman says the first beverage he consumes is salty water, as he claims it helps improve bodily functions.

"There are certain foundational behaviours - certain dos and don'ts that set the stage for you to be better at everything," he continued. "It always comes back to two elements - that's sleep and what I call non-sleep deep rest. Sleep is the fundamental practice or part of our 24-hour cycle where if you don't get it on a consistent basis, you are down-regulating your ability to do everything."

He went on to discuss a "90-minute bout of work," in which he says he turns his phone off to fully optimise this time.

"You'd be amazed how much you can get done in 90 minutes if you are focused," he said.

Huberman then ensures he gets in an hour's worth of exercise before exposing himself to cold temperatures such as an ice bath.

The NHS states that there are no official guidelines regarding how much sleep a person should get each night as everyone is different.

"On average, a 'normal' amount of sleep for an adult is considered to be around seven to nine hours a night. Children and babies may sleep for much longer than this, whereas older adults may sleep less," they wrote.

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