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April solar eclipse expected to cause chaos in America

April solar eclipse expected to cause chaos in America
2024 Eclipse: Why is it a big deal?
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The upcoming total solar eclipse in America is expected to cause widespread chaos to accessing phone signals and locals in the state of Ohio have been told to stock up on food, gas and supplies.

On April 8, the Moon's shadow will sweep across America and millions will be able to see it.

It will start over land in Mexico before going through Dallas, Indianapolis, Cleveland and Buffalo and through the north-west corner of Canada as millions will be able to view it.

But with millions of tourists expected to flock to its path, experts have warned cellular activity could be disrupted.

Rebecca Owens, director of Richland County Emergency Management Authority, said to Richland Source: "Cell phone (reception) will be very, very sketchy.

"There will be lots of issues with connectivity and that type of thing.

"Inkcarceration is a prime example of that. When I was out at the venue last year, it was impossible to communicate with the other safety folks."

It's reported that to help, T-Mobile is deploying additional cell sites that will be on standby and Verizon is setting up a portable town in a small town in Ohio.

Lorain County in Ohio is on the centreline of totality, meaning it's right in the middle of where the total eclipse can be seen, and it's expected to last through the county from 3.10 EDT until just after 3.15 EDT.

It's issued a warning to its local residents to stock up on food, gas and supplies because of how busy it expects to be.

Its emergency management agency said: "It is likely that many visitors will come in over the weekend and stay in the area.

"This could cause any/all of the following: difficulty accessing food, gas, and supplies due to traffic issues; increased traffic or jammed roadways; increased wait times for services such as hospitals, restaurants and gas stations; possible loss of cell phone signal due to system overload.

"Residents can prepare prior to the event by using the following tips: gas up vehicles before the weekend of April 6/7; stock up on food and drinks prior to the event; avoid scheduling appointments on the day; avoid travel over the weekend."

NASA says in 2017, an estimated 215 million American adults viewed the solar eclipse, either directly or electronically, and says the 2024 one could be even more exciting due to differences in the path, timing, and scientific research.

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