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It looks like Russia tried to shut down all the Vladimir Putin parody Twitter accounts

Twitter - that website home to trolls, homophobia, racism, propoganda from despotic regimes and some funny people - suspended a few accounts parodying Russian president Vladimir Putin and officials earlier this week.

To make your timeline worse, we assume?

Five Twitter accounts were suspended which bore a resemblance to officials.

They included @SovietSergey, which mocks foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, @AmbYakovenkoNot, which mocks ambassador to the UK Alexander Yakovenko, and most popular of all @DarthPutinKGB, which mocked the president himself.

It is thought that the accounts were repeatedly reported until their suspension by Twitter - we have absolutely no idea by whom, however.

At the time a Twitter spokesperson said:

We do not comment on individual accounts, for privacy and security reasons.

All have since been reinstated, but not before Twitter users pointed out what a brain-dead decision it was:

Since the accounts reinstatement, @DarthPutinKGB has been letting his feelings well known on the matter:

We only hope that we are spared from the wrath of Darth Putin.

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