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Steve Jobs prank calls Starbucks live on stage at the very first iPhone event

Steve Jobs is known as a visionary businessman but he also had a good sense of humour.

At Apple’s 2007 press conference for the first iPhone, Jobs could have used any of the celebrity contacts in his phone book for the smartphone’s first public call.

But instead, he chose someone much less famous to receive the call – a random Starbucks employee in San Francisco.

Jobs found a Starbucks near the presentation room - demonstrating Apple Maps’ ability to let users find and call businesses - and called to order 4,000 lattes.

One of the strangest things about the video is how excited everyone is about features that we take for granted today – e.g. the ability to search for businesses on a map.

Even though it doesn’t seem like it now, the iPhone’s mapping experience was revolutionary at the time.

Just the touchscreen alone was a big deal when it came out and you wouldn't even consider a smartphone without one now.

Social media users were amazed to see one of the world’s most famous business people cracking the sort of jokes you’d expect from a teenager.

It’s easy to forget how different the world was just 10 years ago.


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