Stray trailer
Annapurna Interactive

It’s safe to say that Stray has become a runaway hit with gamers, as the cat-based platformer has taken over the internet for its accurate depiction of life as a feline.

As the game was released on Playstation and PC simultaneously, modders have already got their hands on the game, to add their own unique touches to Annapurna Interactive’s latest indie darling.

As the protagonist is already a ginger tabby, it didn’t take long for the internet to put two and two together to bring in its own meme-fodder in the shape of Monday-hating, Lasagne-loving Garfield.

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It’s a natural fit for the character, even if Stray’s cyberpunk city might not be what Jim Davis had in mind when he created the character in 1978.

And the modding community hasn’t stopped there. Cat fans who would rather see their breed of choice take on the role of Stray’s hero have been quick to add new types of cats, including Calico and black cat types.

And if you’re more of a dog person, there’s even a mod for you.

It seems that just about any four-legged creature can easily substitute for the main character, but that hasn’t stopped modders from adding two-legged protagonists to the game, with questionable results.

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