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There is now a Suez Canal Easter egg for you to find on Google

There is now a Suez Canal Easter egg for you to find on Google

If you’ve been left a bit exhausted by all the bleakness that the world has had to offer in the past few months then you’ll have probably found a small bit of joy in the Suez Canal debacle.

A week ago, the world became obsessed when the Ever Given, one of the largest container ships in the entire world got stuck on both banks of the river in Egypt, which is responsible for around 12 per cent of the world’s trade.

Activity in the area ground to a halt after the ship ran aground and blocked traffic in both directions and putting a severe strain on global trade.

Unless your livelihood depended on the Suez Canal you probably couldn't help get wrapped up in the meme frenzy that the incident unleashed.

Well, now that the ship has been refloated and is back on its journey the internet is finding unique ways to commemorate the moment.

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The clever folks over at Google have created a special Easter egg which appears whenever you search for ‘Suez Canal’ or ‘Ever Given.’

The simple animation involves not much more than a few ships emojis moving along (a lot quicker than the real Ever Given) just below the search bar.

The Easter egg is available on both desktop and mobile and is just in time for Easter too...

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