Wendy’s chicken sandwich nightmare sparks fierce TikTok debate

Wendy’s chicken sandwich nightmare sparks fierce TikTok debate
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A TikTok user got more than she bargained for when she ordered a chicken sandwich from a popular fast food chain.

Crysten Chyvonn acknowledged that she’d requested extra mayonnaise when she placed her order at Wendy’s.

But when she got home, unwrapped her meal, and discovered that it was swimming in the condiment, she was not a happy customer.

In the viral video, Chyvonn explained that she’d ordered the chicken sandwich combo meal, which is supposed to come with lettuce and tomato, but her server kept “getting her order wrong.”

Then, lifting the sodden lid of the burger, she revealed that the chicken fillet was barely visible beneath the sea of mayo. “Look at this s***,” she complained. “Now I’m finna drive right back up there, and go off on her.”

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The clip, which has been viewed millions of times since it was posted has proved divisive with TikTok users, with some criticising her treatment of the Wendy’s staff and saying she “got what she asked for”.


I’ll NEVA eat Wendy’s again !! Then asked if she can offer me a frosty #mad #foryou #foryoupage #fyp #fy

One wrote: “I hope you realise she took you order, not made your food. Refrain from giving the poor lady attitude.”

Another wrote: “Nah, I’m tired of people treating fast food workers like we ain’t people. I’ve dealt with people saying I’m below them, and then get mad when I give back the same energy.”

And another commented: “I mean, that’s what you asked for.”

Others came to Chyvonn’s defence, accusing the staff of being petty, purposefully sabotaging the sandwich.

One wrote: “Y’all, yes she asked for extra mayo. No she isn’t a Karen. Look how messy and thrown about it looks. It was clearly to get on her nerves.”

Another added: “Guys she asked for extra mayo not a mayo sandwich.”

And another said :”Oh they tried it!!! Hell nah!! They was being funny.”

‘She asked for extra mayo not a mayo sandwich’TikTok/chrystenchyvonn

Chyvonn later addressed the criticism, claiming the drive-thru cashier had an “attitude” and repeatedly misheard her order, prompting another staff member to take over.

She added that when she returned to complain, “mayonnaise sundae” in hand, she could hear a member of staff in the kitchen laughing.

“I go there all the time and ask for extra mayo on my sandwich,” she said. “It never looks like that. That’s unacceptable.”

In the third video, Chyvonn can be seen showing staff the chicken sandwich, demanding to know what it is while insisting it had been deliberately messed up.

Writing in the comments, she explained she took the meal back, and received a refund, adding she “didn’t scream and fight”.

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