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The map of the world according to its favourite way to talk

Picture: CartoDB/Louis Doré/SimilarWeb
Picture: CartoDB/Louis Doré/SimilarWeb

Whatsapp is the most used messaging app in most countries around the world.

Its presence is dominant in South America and Africa, SimilarWeb found when reviewing Android data from 187 countries.

Although WhatsApp claimed 55.6 per cent of the world's countries, as well as some of the biggest such as Russia, Brazil and India, it has struggled to breakthrough in Southern parts of Asia, where the market is divided by a plethora of apps.

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Messenger was found to be the second most popular app in the data, followed by Viber which was popular in 15 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Line placed third, most popular in Turkmenistan, Japan, Thailand and Taiwan.

Perhaps most staggering is the BBM - a relic of a bygone age to most countries - remains popular in Indonesia, where it is installed on 87.5 per cent of devices.

Compared to only 0.42 per cent of devices in the US, it seems to be a stronghold for Blackberry.

Oh for the days...


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