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This recruitment email from Microsoft is the epitome of cringe

This recruitment email from Microsoft is the epitome of cringe

Microsoft has not been making strides in PR recently.

In March, the company faced a backlash for hiring dancers in skimpy outfits as entertainment for a party in San Francisco during the Game Developers Conference.

Now, an email is being shared on Twitter from a Microsoft recruiter advertising an "internapalooza" afterparty.

A particularly unimpressive part of the email reads:

There will be hella noms, lots of dranks, the best beats and just like last year, we're breaking out the Yammer beer pong tables.


Four of those words triggered my spell check. That should never be the case in just two sentences of a recruitment email.

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed the authenticity of the email to Business Insider:

The email was poorly worded and not in keeping with our values as a company. We are looking into how this occurred and will take appropriate steps to address it.

The reaction on Twitter was the equivalent of having to watch a sex scene with your parents:

As well as a few digs:

All in all, the summary is this:

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