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Doctor removes 'largest ever tumour' from woman who thought she was pregnant

Doctor removes 'largest ever tumour' from woman who thought she was pregnant
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A shocked woman who thought she was pregnant actually had a huge tumour in her stomach.

It weighed a whopping 27lb (12kg) — three-and-a-half times the average birth weight of a baby.

The 31-year-old wasn’t feeling any movement from what she believed was a growing foetus.

She went to the hospital and doctors carried out tests.

They found a benign tumour which had started in her ovaries.

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The tumour was successfully removed during a 10-hour operation at the Tapaluin clinic in Uribia, Colombia

Jam Press

The unnamed woman is a member of the Wayuu ethnic group in the northernmost part of the South American country.

Gynaecologist, Jaider Choles Alvarado said: “I’ve carried out similar procedures on several other occasions.

“But without doubt, this is the largest I’ve ever removed.

“We had been carrying out an extensive study on this patient for two months.

“Everything suggested it was a benign tumour.

“In addition, the patient had no pathological history or underlying conditions and that is why we proceeded to perform the surgery on her.”

The patient was discharged from the hospital the following day to continue her recovery at home.

She thanked the medical team for “removing a burden” that had prevented her from walking and moving about freely.

The average newborn tips the scales at 7.65lb (3.4kg).

In November 2018, a huge 62lb (28kg) tumour was removed from a woman living in the Colombian city of Maicao.

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