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The 9 strangest cases of UFO sightings throughout the years

The  9 strangest cases of UFO sightings throughout the years
More than 150,000 UFO sightings have been reported in the past 50 ...

Unidentified Flying Objects have been spotted in the skies for decades - and the term refers to any mysterious objects spotted high above Earth.

Some think these are aliens, others think they're birds, tricks of the light, or cutting-edge military equipment.

If you're a skeptic, or just love speculating on what's really out there, we've rounded up some of the strangest and eeriest UFO sightings.

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A married couple who didn't remember where they went

One of the most famous instances of UFO and alien abduction in the course of history is the Betty and Barney Hill case.

In September 1961, the couple was driving on the road at night in New Hampshire when out of nowhere, a bright light in the sky appeared to follow them.

Once they got home, it was daylight, their clothes were soiled and ripped, and their watches stopped working.

But they couldn't remember how that happened.

While in sessions with a psychiatrist, the two revealed that they were prodded and violated by aliens in an abduction. noted that Betty described the aliens as gray beings with massive eyes.

When the beings were inside the couple's home, they examined the couple and wiped their memories.

Their account of otherworldly beings was documented by the now declassified UFO secret Project Blue Book.

Alien Abduction: Betty and Barney Hill | Official Trailer |

Red lights in the forest

In a report from the Telegraph, on December 26, 1980, certain sections of the United States Air Force were stationed at a Royal Air Force military base near Suffolk, England.

On that day, two members went into Rendlesham forest and claimed to have seen a craft of spacecraft covered in letters that were likened to hieroglyphs.

Then, two days later, on December 28, other military personnel noted that they had witnessed the same thing, but this time, they had a recording device.

It was reported that a bright red light flashed, followed by a craft crashing into the Rendlesham forest.

With that, an Air Force commander also went into the craft and supposedly encountered extraterrestrials.

The Ministry of Defense has wholly denied the instances.

Children in Zimbabwe believe the end of the world is near

According to a report in Vanity Fair, numerous UFOs allegedly floated near a school in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, in September 1994.

The children who witnessed these UFOs were frightened when they were asked to tell what occurred.

They described the beings with the UFOs to have no nose (just two holes), large heads, long black hair, and no mouth.

The kids also said they wore dark-coloured suits and communicated with their minds.

"What I thought was maybe the world's going to end. They were telling us the world's going to end. I don't even know. It just popped up in my head. He never said anything. He talked just with his eyes'" a little girl told researchers.

A pilot sees an illuminated object fly past him in Washington

In June 1947, Kenneth Arnold, a civilian pilot flew past Washington's Mount Rainier and reported that nine blue, beaming objects flew past him in the form of a "V" and travelled at 1700 mph, reports.

Although Arnold first thought the flying things were military-owned, the government insisted that no one was near Mount Rainier that day.

After describing the blue, illuminated objects in the sky as "a saucer if you skip it across water," the phrase flying saucer gained recognition.

24th June 1947: The first widely-reported UFO sighting was made by private pilot Kenneth

The school illustrations of the same extraterrestrial aircraft

As noted in a report from BBC, reports that in 1977, a group of school kids from the Broad Haven Primary School in Wales claimed that they saw a UFO near their playground.

The teachers at the school didn't believe the children's sentiments; however, when they were split up and asked to draw pictures of their experience, they all illustrated a similar hovering saucer.

School kids on witnessing a landed UFO at their school in Broad Haven, Wales,

Green lights in formation over Germany

Just six weeks before Germany was going to become a united nation, an unexplainable event took place over the Greifswald power plant.

As stated in The Local, seven green lights that showed up in a line known as "the Griefswald Lights", floated above the area.

While in sight for about 30 minutes, some people believed this was a protest against the upcoming reunification.

Still, three wasn't any proof of anyone taking actions. Other people believe it had to do with extraterrestrials.

A day by the ocean and the odd aircraft

In June 1947, Harold Dahl was out on the Puget Sound for a conservation mission with his son and his dog. addressed Dahl's recollection of allegedly seeing six "donut-shaped" aircraft overhead.

One spacecraft fell around 1,500 feet out of the sky and into the water down below.

Metallic debris from the fallen spacecraft hurt his son's arm and killed his dog.

Dahl informed Fred Crisman about what occurred, and Crisman, who was skeptical, visited the scene and verified Dahl's account.

Not too long after, a man dressed in a black suit supposedly visited Dahl and told him not to speak about the incident again.

Interestingly, this supernatural incident is said to have inspired the 1997 movie Men in Black.

Texas lost their power

What became the inspiration for the film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, people across Levelland, Texas, in 1957 claimed to have seen a collection of lights in the night sky, History. com noted.

The presence of the light caused cars to go ballistic, turning off engines and crashing g their presence; cars went haywire with lights turning off and motors crashing.

The police in the area also noticed the lights, leading to an investigation by The Air Force's UFO research group.

An electrical storm was determined to be the reason for the occurrences. But, there were no reports of storms in the area that night.

Whatever Happened in Levelland, It Became a World-Famous

The psychotherapist and the reptilian man

Barbara Lamb, the psychotherapist in question, observed crop circles and alleged to have seen a reptilian being appear in her house, as expressed in Vanity Fair.

He was tall and had striking yellow eyes.

The reptile humanoid appeared to be warm and welcoming to Lamb, so she reached out to touch his hand.

Afterwards, the reptile person vanished as suddenly as he appeared.

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