Astronomers have been left perplexed by a series of images that show what appear to be luminous bright spots and a "pyramid" on the surface of dwarf planet Ceres.

Captured by Nasa's Dawn spacecraft from 2,700 mile above, the photos show a lone mountain about half the size of Everest.

And while the space agency says the unusual feature is probably a natural rock formation and its luminosity is probably caused by salt or ice, it won't stop us speculating.

So what else could it be...?


2. Proof of an Ancient Civilisation

As DiscussionFan01 notes in the Sky News comments section:

3. An alien burial ground

As researchers at Bro Bible point out:

That’s a f- - -ing alien burial ground. What else could it be. A mountain? Hell no. Planets that small don’t develop mountains...

We are either dealing with a gigantic species of alien, who require three miles of height to be completely buried, or the alien king just died.

4. The real truth...

OK, OK, or:

5. A big rock that happens to look slightly pyramid-shaped

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