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'Woke Xbox' with power saving mode has right wingers overheating

'Woke Xbox' with power saving mode has right wingers overheating
Fox News panel accuses Xbox of ‘going woke’ after adding new feature

Major companies are doing their part to combat climate change by making adjustments to their products to reach the goal of net zero carbon emissions.

Now, Microsoft is joining in by implementing a new feature on its Xbox that will make the console more “carbon aware.”

Instead of the console doing its “nightly maintenance” at a random time between 2am and 6am the console will “wake up at a time when it can use the most renewable energy in your local energy grid” to conduct the maintenance.

Additionally, Xbox consoles will soon include an automatic update that will reduce power consumption with the energy-saving Shutdown option.

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“Shutdown (energy saving) cuts power use by up to 20X when it’s off compared to Sleep,” a press release from Xbox Wire says.

However beneficial the company may deem the new features, right-wingers believe it is promoting an unnecessary “woke” culture.

On Tuesday’s episode of Fox & Friends, host Ainsley Earhardt and guest Jimmy Failla spoke about the new update, accusing Xbox of trying to “recruit” kids into climate politics.

“It’s crazy what they’re doing but we understand what this is,” Failla said.

"It’s not that it’s actually going to offset emissions the level of reduction is infinitesimal but they’re trying to recruit your kids into climate politics at an earlier age.”

Earhardt responded, "Yeah I didn’t think about that, they’re coming after the children."

To which Failla said, "Of course they are."

Other right-wingers like Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) expressed anger over the new power-saving feature as well, comparing it to the recent gas stove debate.

The new "Shutdown" energy-saving mode is optional for Xbox users so players may choose the setting that suits them best.

But Xbox is encouraging all gamers to opt into the feature.

"We must work together with our players, developers, studios, and the industry if we’re going to help reduce gaming’s impact on the environment," the press release said.

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