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You can now like the Israeli occupation on Facebook

You can now like the Israeli occupation on Facebook

Israel has launched a Facebook page for Ministry of Defence unit COGAT, the government department described by 972 mag as "responsible for managing the Israeli occupation".

The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories control the blockade of the Gaza Strip and allocate resources to West Bank settlers.

As with a cartoon released by Israel's foreign ministry last week which appeared to mock reporters who covered the Israel-Gaza conflict, the Facebook page is in English and appears to be intended for an international audience.

The content is as you would expect from any government. The page contains no information about last week's report from Israeli human rights group B'tselem which said Israeli troops shot and killed 14-year-old Palestinian Yusef a-Shawamreh although "he posed no danger" but does contain infographics about materials that entered Gaza despite the ongoing blockade.

You can join 1,000 others keeping up to date here.

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